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We have a very unique and dedicated team at Flirty Desserts.  We are a driven group of individuals who are very passionate about our work. From our management to character performers, you see our positive energy in the individualized care we provide our customers. At Flirty Desserts, we still believe in Customer Service, not just a “One-Time Sale”! That kind of philosophy and work environment starts at the top.






Jason Milline is Co-Owner of Flirty Desserts, manages financial operations and helps manage special events. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.  Jason has almost 20 years experience in the corporate finance industry, 10 of those years in management.  He also has entrepreneurial experience in real estate investments. 


Jason’s love for desserts stems from his great-grandmother’s “one-of-a kind” recipes. His grandmother’s cooking was so flavorful and distinguished, she was often praised and encouraged to open her own restaurant.  Determined to provide quality desserts similar to what he had become accustomed to, he helped establish Flirty Desserts


When Jason isn’t working, besides spending time with his family, he enjoys watching football and basketball. You can also catch him quoting stats since he knows the games and players well.




Tameka is Co-Owner of Flirty Desserts, manages daily operations, and is the creative force behind the company’s products and services. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Tameka has almost 10 years government experience working as an Auditor, Recycling Specialist and Legislative Analyst. 


Tameka's love for desserts comes from her grandmother’s cooking skills. Her grandmother always baked from scratched. Upset that she was unable to document her grandmother’s recipes before she passed, she was determined to develop recipes based off her memory of what her grandmother’s cakes tasted and felt like.  This jumpstarted the creation of Flirty Desserts.  With a strong belief in continued education and training, Tameka is always researching and taking training to improve her skillsets that positively impact the business. She has certificates in cake decorating and barista training.


Tameka enjoys sports and dancing. She was a Division I Collegiate Track-n-Field Athlete, holding All-East titles and competing at NCAA National Championships.  Tameka also played Free Safety for a Professional Women’s Tackle Football Team. She has three National Championship Titles and was named Defensive Player of the Year (SacPac Award).


Tameka is married to Jason and enjoys spending time with him and their two boys in their free time. 

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